5 Tips For New Years Resolutions In Your New Apartment in Ithaca, NY

It’s that time of year again where you make goals such as saving money, going to the gym more, learning a new skill, etc. With living in East Pointe Apartments on East Pointe Drive (off of Bomax Drive) you can start reaching those goals to make 2019 the most productive year ever! These five lifestyle changes can help your checking account, your life in your a new luxury apartment in Ithaca, NY and shaping your body to what you want!

Staying In VS. Going Out

Going out every weekend with friends is always fun, but it gets expensive. Cover charges, searching for cheap pitchers, forgetting coupons and Uber trips will never help your bank account. But with your new luxury East Pointe apartment in Ithaca, NY you don’t have to go downtown to have fun. Use your new East Pointe apartment in Ithaca, NY to use and entertain friends with a wine and dine night which saves so much money in the long run. If your place isn’t big enough for more than a few friends, take advantage of our event space at East Pointe Apartments to host friends for a game or movie night.

Homebrew Coffee

Coffee might be the only way you get through the day, and buying coffee on the way to work gets expensive and adds up quick. Part of your resolution to save money can be to brew your coffee at your apartment to save some money. Buying coffee and creamers in bulk can add up to a week's worth of buying coffee on the go, and it will last you for a month!

Thrifty Re-Decorating

Decorating an apartment is always fun, but it can get expensive between seeing ads online and browsing Pinterest boards. For 2019, a great way to save some money is to spend time at local thrift stores, yards sales, and apps like LetGo. A brand new couch that reclines can easily be $700, but you can take advantage of a similar couch that someone needs to get rid of for half the price: and barely used! Finding used furniture is a great way to save some serious money to fill up your new luxury East Pointe apartment in Ithaca, NY.

Take Advantage of Your Kitchen

It’s easy to get caught up in your fast-paced life making stops at drive-thrus to get quick and easy meals. But check your most recent credit card statement and highlight every fast food purchase you made. It all adds up quick! Save money by using the kitchen in your apartment that you're paying for. Take the time on a boring Sunday night, watch a meal prep video on Youtube and you’ll have breakfast for a week for half the cost.

Gym Included

Hitting your health goals in 2019 can all be done at the gym you’re already paying for.

If you pay for it, use it. One of the best apartment resolutions to save money is to take advantage of all the amenities that are included in your monthly rental fee. Gym memberships add up and they always entice you with other “amenities” they have, but you never end up using.

Sticking to your resolutions is tough, but always worth it when you look back a year from now!

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