Your Ithaca, NY Moving Checklist!

The best way to tackle a move into your new East Pointe apartment in Ithaca, NY is to think like a project manager. You’ll need to set a timeline, make a to-do list, and prioritize tasks. While this level of organization is the most effective, it's easier said than done — especially when you're stressed out. So here are our recommendations for a moving checklist to help you prepare.


Whether you hire professional movers or rent a truck and do everything yourself, one of the first things to cross off your moving checklist is logistics planning for your move into your new East Pointe apartment in Ithaca, NY.

  • If you hire movers be sure to get several quotes and check reviews on different companies. Once you make a hire, set a firm moving date.

  • If you decide to move yourself, reserve your rental truck ahead of time and think about if you need dollies or other equipment to move heavier items. It’s also smart to plan your driving route at the same time from the rental truck company.


Once you've got a confirmed moving date, it's time to tell everyone that your address is changing. You can complete an official change of address online with Other utility and service providers might need you to contact them in writing or over the phone.

  • Insurance companies

  • Your child's school

  • Utilities: phone, cable, Internet, gas, electric, water, trash

  • Medical providers, to transfer prescriptions and records

  • Bank and credit card companies

  • Magazine subscriptions

  • Apartment property management

  • As you make notifications, don't forget to cancel any services or memberships you won't need after your move (gym memberships, lawn services, newspaper delivery, etc).


Switch Utilities

If you need to switch utility providers, schedule a time to research and contact new providers about two to three weeks before you move. It's best to have new utilities turned on a few days before you move into your new apartment so everything's ready for your arrival. At East Pointe apartments in Ithaca, NY fiber wifi and cable is included in your monthly rent.


Nobody likes packing, but it’s good to prepare by getting all of the packing supplies you need — boxes, permanent markers, labels, bubble wrap, and tape. A great strategy to get started is to go room by room and pack it all up. Label to boxes by rooms and what’s inside. For example keep all the plates in one box, and bowls in another. This will help the unpacking process go faster as well if everything gets packed the right way.  

Moving Pets

If you’re moving from out of state, research what paperwork, medications, and vaccinations your pets will need in order to make a safe trip to their new home. Make sure pets have secure nametags, and store their immunization records in a handy, accessible spot. Once you get to East Pointe apartments in Ithaca, NY we’ll have the dog park and washing station waiting for you!

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