Apartment Amenities: What to Look for When Finding the Right Living Space for You?

Apartment shopping can get dull and tedious fairly quickly, especially when you are looking at multiple different communities that seem to have the same amenities and perks. It can be hard to know what you will use or care about once you move into the space, and if it’s worth the extra money. At East Pointe Apartments in Ithaca, NY we want to help you learn the ins and outs of apartment amenities, and which ones are must-haves. 

1. In-Unit Washer and Dryer

This might be an obvious one, but having an in-unit washer and dryer is one of the best apartment amenities out there. Not only is it convenient for you and every other member in your apartment, but it eliminates the hassle of trying to find the off time when no one else on your floor is doing their laundry or bringing it to a laundromat and spending all your quarters. In-unit washer and dryer are included in all of our East Pointe Apartments in Ithaca, NY as an extra convenience for all of our residents. 

2. Fiber Wifi

Let’s be real here, wifi can make or break your apartment community. If your apartment building does not have good wifi, that can be a big problem. Fiber wifi is the best and strongest wifi for apartment communities, and it is a must for any living space. You want a wifi connection that is strong enough to connect to all of your devices and won’t crash on you when you are trying to finish your coursework, or binge a Netflix show! 

3. Pet Friendly

It’s a relief to know that pets can come along with you to your new home, but it is even better when there are additional amenities for pets as well. At East Pointe Apartments in Ithaca, NY we have our very own dog park for you to walk your animals or just let them run around and play with the other dogs whenever you please. We not only have a dog park, but our very own dog washing station to make giving your pet a bath much easier, with less mess in your own apartment. Try finding other apartments in Ithaca, NY that have that perk! 

4. Secure Parking

Parking is always a big concern and large parking garages can feel unsafe and are the sites of many problems. An apartment community that can guarantee you a spot to park your car is always a better one. You will not need to worry about street parking or feeling unsafe in our apartments in Ithaca NY. At East Pointe, we offer private attached garages to your apartment, so you not only have specialized parking, but you can park in a spot where you feel safe. 

At East Pointe Apartments in Ithaca, NY  we are dedicated to helping you find the perfect apartment. Give us a call today and schedule a tour with us!