Prepping Your Apartment For The Fall

With summer winding down, the cooler fall weather is on its way. As the seasons make their transition, it’s a great time for you to do the same. Here are a few tips that you can do to ready your space at East Pointe Apartments in Ithaca, NY for the fall.  


Fall Cleaning

Cleaning up your living space doesn’t just have to happen in the spring – the fall can be a great time to clean up and get rid of things you might not need anymore. Tidying up your space in your luxury apartment in Ithaca, NY will help revitalize your space, making it ready to cozy up inside during the cooler months.

Check Your Closets

Pretty soon you’ll be putting your shorts and t-shirts back in their drawers and grabbing a pair of boots and a nice warm sweater. As part of fall cleaning, checking your closets to make sure that you’ve got the proper clothes for the months ahead can be a good idea. It may be time to go shopping for some new clothes in order to be ready for fall. If you find old clothes that don’t fit anymore, they can be donated so that someone else can use them. Updating your closet in your luxury apartment in Ithaca, NY can be a great way to start the fall season.

More Lighting

As the days get shorter, you might want to make sure that your luxury Ithaca apartment is set with lighting. You can find a nice lamp for a good deal at many retail stores. Adding a table lamp or two can make a big difference with brightening up your luxury apartment in Ithaca, NY.

Blankets, Blankets, Blankets

Another great way to ready your luxury apartment for the fall is to break out those blankets and comforters that you’ve stored away while you’ve enjoyed the nice spring and summer weather. A blanket with your couch can be a great way to cozy up in the evening, and a comforter with your bed can provide some warmth in your bedroom.

These simple steps will help you get on your way to a comfy, cozy season in your apartment. A few of them can even lower your energy bill. Take care of them now. Then bring on football, pumpkin-spice lattes, homemade soups, and warm sweaters that make this season so wonderful!

If you’re looking for an apartment in Ithaca, NY East Pointe Apartments can provide you with a luxury living space. To learn more about our apartments, check out our website for the photos and different floor plans that we offer, or call us today at (607) 319-4077 to schedule a tour.