Summer is Here! How to Keep Your Ithaca, NY Apartment Cool During Hot Months

Now that the summer weather is here, there arex ways that you can keep your apartment in Ithaca, NY cool so that it’s the perfect living space for you during those hot-and-humid summer days. Taking these things into account will help to keep your apartment cool during the summer.

Efficient Airflow

Making sure your East Pointe Apartment in Ithaca, NY is circulating airflow efficiently will help to keep it cool during the hot summer months. There are a few different tricks that you can use to combat the summer heat.

  • Utilize the Air Conditioning: Your apartment can be equipped with an energy-efficient electric air conditioning unit, which is the easiest way to keep your apartment cool during the summer.

  • Use a stationary or ceiling fan: Having a fan in your apartment can also help to cool down space if you don’t have air conditioning, and circulate air to the various rooms of your apartment.

  • Keeping things shut: You can keep doors to certain rooms of your apartment closed so that the air circulates in the main living space instead of spreading throughout the entire apartment, or keep them open if you want a more evenly distributed flow of air through your living space. You can also keep window blinds shut as a way to keep the sun out of your apartment and heating the place up. 

Embrace the Night

Once the sun goes down, everything seems to cool down. Nighttime can be a perfect time for you to cool down your apartment in Ithaca, NY. Opening up your windows can bring cool air into your apartment, and using fans can help circulate the cool air and spread it throughout the living space. Don’t forget to close your windows in the morning before the day becomes too hot! Another useful trick is to change out your bedsheets every so often – cotton sheets can stay cooler during the day and help to cool your body down at night.


Don’t Forget About Yourself

While you may be focused on keeping your apartment cool during the summer, it’s also good to keep yourself cool as well. Summer weather can cause dehydration or heat exhaustion quicker when you’re up and about, and if you don’t have AC you’re going to want to make sure that you’re staying cool throughout the day. Drinking lots of cold water will help to keep you cool and refreshed and combat any symptoms of dehydration. East Pointe Apartments in Ithaca, NY also has a pool for residents to enjoy at their leisure, which can be a great way to cool off on those hot days. 

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