Top Perks of Apartment Living in Ithaca, NY

Convenient Location

Location is a huge part in choosing where to live. Finding a location convenient for you, and your daily routine is essential. Our apartments in Ithaca, NY offer a close location to shopping and entertainment. They also are conveniently located near Cornell University and Ithaca College. Being centrally located is one of the perks of apartment living, and can save you money on transportation.


Apartments offer resort-like amenities included in the price of rent. Our apartments in Ithaca, NY provide great amenities including a fitness center, community center, pool, car wash, dog park, walking trails, and more! These are amenities that can become pricey, but are all included for apartment renters, and can save renters money. The average price of a gym membership per month is $60. With a gym membership included in rent, you can save approximately $700 per year. Amenities are a great perk of apartment living and can save you a lot of money.

More Free Time

Apartment living offers you more free time because you do not need to worry about maintenance. You will never have to worry about mowing the lawn or gardening again. All exterior maintenance is taken care of. East Pointe apartments in Ithaca, NY provide ample green space for our residents to enjoy. We even have dog parks and walking trails for our four legged friends to enjoy with you. Also, if an appliance breaks within your apartment, someone will come and fix it. Living in an apartment means doing less physical labor, and having more time for yourself.

Belong to a Community

Living in an apartment allows you to join a new community and make new friends. Rental properties offer residents the opportunity to meet, mingle, and further build a sense of belonging. Living in close proximity with others can allow you to meet other like-minded individuals, and create new relationships with them

Have Flexibility

A great perk of living in an apartment is the flexibility of a lease. When buying a home, you often need to sign a 10 or more year mortgage, and you are stuck living in a home until the mortgage is paid off. With an apartment, you have more flexible options, and are not tied down to live there for multiple years. Our apartments in Ithaca, NY offer flexible lease options, and you can decide how long you choose to stay. Apartments are also great when it is time to move out. A smaller space means less clutter to take with you to your new place!