Apartment Hunting 101

Apartment Hunting 101

On the hunt for your perfect apartment? There are many factors to consider in this decision! Check out some useful tips and tricks below and find the apartment of your dreams!

Know your Budget

It is important to settle on a budget before starting an apartment hunt. A typical rule is to spend 30% of your income on rent. For example, if you make $30,000 a year, it is typical to spend $750 a month on rent.  Determining your budget for an apartment is essential to controlling debt, and still being able to afford daily needs. At East Pointe Apartments in Ithaca, NY, we offer luxury living at an affordable price. We offer many amenities at no additional cost including a fitness center, pool, dog park, and walking trails. WiFi and Cable are also included in the price of monthly rent!

Find Roommates

Having roommates is a great way to make an apartment more affordable, and more fun to live in! You are more likely to afford a larger apartment when working with multiple budgets, as opposed to one fixed income. You’re also more likely to save on utilities, furniture, and other charges! Our apartments in Ithaca, NY offer one, two, and three bedroom layouts, perfect for roommates! A great way to find roommates is to contact your friends and see if they would like to live with you or check out social media pages of others looking for roommates!

Check out your Amenities

Amenities are a large part of choosing an apartment. Finding an apartment with included amenities can save you a lot of money in the long run. East Pointe apartments in Ithaca, NY provides you multiple amenities to help save you money. All apartments have private, attached garages, so you do not need to worry about cleaning snow off your car. All units include washers and dryers avoiding the hassle of taking your clothes to a community laundry room or laundromat. There is also a fitness center and pool on site, as well as a dog park, walking trails, and community center. These amenities along with included WIFI and cable are a huge cost savings for anyone looking to rent an apartment.

Choose your Neighborhood

Different neighborhoods suit different lifestyles. When choosing an apartment, it is essential to look at the neighborhood the apartment is in, and see if that neighborhood is right for you. Doing research can direct you to what neighborhoods would be beneficial for you. East Pointe Apartments in Ithaca, NY provides convenient access to Ithaca College and Cornell University. Our apartments are also centrally located to shopping, restaurants, entertainment, and nightlife, a perfect location for college students, young professionals, and millennials.

Looking to rent in Ithaca, NY? East Pointe Apartments provide luxury apartment living at an affordable price. Call us today at (607) 319-4077 and schedule a tour of one of our brand new apartments!