Simple Ways to Make your Apartment Feel like Home in Ithaca, NY

Fully Set up One Room at a Time:

Moving into a new apartment can be a stressful situation. By unpacking and setting up one room at a time, you can truly focus on what you want the room to look like, and make sure everything is stored and set up properly. After unpacking, make sure to store the boxes. Our apartments in Ithaca, NY provide multiple storage options for our residents.

Plan Lighting:

Adding lighting can make an apartment feel more cozy and intimate. Adding standing lamps, night stand lamps, or string lights can make a space feel brand new. Also be sure to focus on natural lighting and utilize these amenities. At East Pointe Apartments in Ithaca, NY, we provide all residents with custom window coverings for all windows within space.

Explore the Neighborhood:

Apartments often offer many amenities within the complex. Exploring the community, and seeing where everything is can help you feel more like home. This is also a great way to introduce yourself to other residents in the complex, and get acquainted with the area. East Pointe apartments in Ithaca, NY provide great amenities to their residents! These include a fitness center,  pool with changing rooms, car wash, dog park, walking trails, and ample green space. Using these amenities and exploring your apartment community can help your new apartment feel like home.


Decorating your apartment can make it truly feel like home. Even if you cannot paint the walls of your apartment, hanging decorations and pictures can make the space feel like your own. Also adding plants, end tables, and other furniture can make the space something unique. When decorating, also include sentimental items that have strong meaning to you. These items will remind you of home and will allow to to feel your space to feel more like a home away from home. Check out our apartments in Ithaca, NY and find your next home away from home!

Clean Up/Organize:

Moving can be a very overwhelming feeling, however by cleaning your apartment and organizing your belongings, your apartment can feel like a new home. Cleaning your new apartment will give you a fresh start, both literally and figuratively. Organizing your belongings and assuring everything has a place can make your new apartment feel like a functional. Organizing your belongings can decrease clutter from your new space.

Have a Party:

There's not better way to make your new space feel like home than throwing a party with family and friends. Showing off your new space to the people most important to you is a great way to break in a new apartment. At East Pointe apartments in Ithaca, NY, all apartments come with patios or decks, perfect for your housewarming party!